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Get Happy NOW!


by Joseph McClendon III, Ph.D.
How can increasing your happiness change everything about your life? Joseph McClendon, a global life transformation and practicing neuropsychologist, brings new tools and a fresh perspective to help you reach the next higher level of happiness. Joseph arms you with the tactics and techniques to think and grow rich, abundant, and happy relationships and businesses.

Life transformation expert Joseph McClendon shows you why and how happy people:

  • Live longer
  • Have higher productivity
  • Attract people into their inner circle
  • Have less stress
  • Enjoy deeper relationships
  • Laugh more
  • Have better coping skills

Do you want to reach that next level in life? Each day can be filled with contagious, unimaginable joy.

Science has proven that it’s possible to rewire your brain for happiness. No matter what you’ve been through—or where life has taken you—you can be happier, healthier, and more joyful today. Happiness is a key component to living a longer, healthier life. And guess what? It’s the key to productivity and success, too. Happiness might just be the single most important goal to strive for, above wealth and even success.

Happiness is a key to longevity.

Studies of centenarians prove it, and doctors have stated it for years. Stress kills. A lack of joy can tax your immune system, elevate your blood pressure, and increase your chances for cardiovascular disease. Living a happier life is the antidote, and McClendon gives you the keys to achieving happiness in ten minutes a day. He helps you make sustainable changes that will impact your future. Happy people draw others to them like a magnet, attracting abundance. McClendon writes in an engaging, informative way that provides clarity to the science of happiness.

Get ready to learn! In Get Happy NOW! Joseph McClendon offers a prescription for happiness that will change your life forever!

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